GeosciNet - About Us

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What is GeosciNet?
GeosciNET is an emerging partnership of existing Geoinformatics organizations aiming to advance the development of Geoinformatics as a network of distributed, complimentary, linked systems and services that support and empower Geoscience research and education.
The purpose of this cooperation agreement is to formalize the collaboration among the above listed projects, the goal of which is to advance coordination, complementarity, and interoperability among the involved systems.
GeosciNET will integrate Geoinformatics resources that are managed and maintained by its participating partners to establish a comprehensive system of data, services, and tools that can be jointly offered to the community of users to support the widest range of science and education programs. With the existing membership, GeosciNET will be able to offer a comprehensive solution for data acquisition in the field, data dissemination, archiving, visualization, and data integration and analysis.
GeosciNET will establish an organizational and technical infrastructure that will allow partner projects to jointly address challenges such as risk and contingency management, long-term archiving, standard development and implementation, networking, and education and outreach activities.
Initial members of GeosciNET comprise the NSF-funded efforts CoreWall, GeoStratSys, and Geoinformatics for Geochemistry (operator of the geochemical data systems EarthChem, PetDB, SedDB, and VentDB, and the System for Earth Sample Registration SESAR), and the International Continental Drilling Program (ICDP).
Memorandum of Understanding
GeosciNet partners have formalized their cooperation with a Memorandum of Understanding, in which they agree on a set of guiding principles and responsibilities, such as the joint development of a plan that outlines the interaction among the projects and their specific responsibilities for building a network of data, services, and tools.
Partners have committed to agree on standards for data and metadata exchange that will be implemented in all systems to facilitate data exchange and interoperability. As a first step toward establishing interoperability, GeosciNet partners will implement the International GeoSample Number IGSN to uniquely identify objects such as samples, cores, etc. for which they store data in their systems, and implement a jointly agreed upon protocol to notify the sample registry SESAR about changes to data content for a specific IGSN, making SESAR the central point for collecting and disseminating these notifications.
All partners have agreed to share their technology, tools, and expertise among the projects.